Social Secretary

jessHello, I’m Jess; your SUTRI social sec for 2014-15! I am excited to introduce a busy social schedule into the SUTRI calender: keep space in your diary and take well deserved breaks from your training to get together at fortnightly casual socials where we can get to know each other away from swimming, cycling and running. I’m thinking Sunday roasts, cocktail gatherings, pub quiz nights, post park run porridge delights… I would love to encourage everyone along to continue the friendly atmosphere which last year’s committee fostered so well! There will also be bigger seasonal festivity socials throughout the year, and of course no social or event will be complete without our monkey mascot Milo! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Run Captain

I’m Tom, your running captain for 2014/15 and entering my fourth year of medicine. I joined SUTRI because I wanted to develop my swimming and cycling, whilst also continuing to improve my running. I’ve been at it now for around 5 years and remain very passionate! I will be organizing Monday running sessions throughout the year including: hills, intervals, tempo runs and longer runs (+6 miles). There will also be the opportunity to go to the track for some proper speed work! If you have any questions during the year, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Bike Captain

I’m Peter, the Cycling Captain for 2014/15 and am a second year History student. We have tried to make cycling approachable for all through the introduction of our very own BCA (Beginner Cycling Ambassador) Billy Montieth. Billy and I lead club rides every Wednesday afternoon, with details regarding distance and pace on the SUTRI FaceBook Page. The club also focuses heavily upon spinning sessions which happen on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Signing up to these sessions can be done through a form posted on the FaceBook page at 7pm each Sunday! The club is both great for beginners and experienced triathletes, but also cyclists who want to take a turn at some running and swimming too! Don’t forget to put in a request for Turbo Trainers owned by the club through the online sign up page! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Swim Captain

I’m Kat, a very keen swimmer entering my second year of nursing. Part of Godalming swimming club from ages 7-16, I swam competitively, regularly taking part in swim galas. When I got a bit older I began open water swimming at Sheppeton Lake and have taken part in the Great London Swim twice. I have always loved to swim and I was known in my family as the ‘water baby’. I believe this passion for swimming will make me a good swim captain. If you have any questions about anything swim related (or not!) just come have a chat!


A proper chopper if there ever was one! Alex, more often known by second name ‘Garrod’ is on hand to help you (think party bus) get as many races under your belt in the coming year. Somewhere under the facade of stupidity lies a highly intelligent and witty fourth year Ship Scientist. For some unknown reason, the club decided to bestow upon Alex the responsibility of accounts for 2014/15. This is despite a mid-manifesto declaration of “I’m no good with numbers”. He was even informed by one member post-election that “I only voted for you because there was nobody else”. Despite the negativity, he is hopeful the good faith shown by members will be rewarded with a successful season!


Secretary and Webmaster

Anna, a second year medic, is a keen runner and enjoys getting out on the bike (especially if the weather is nice!). In control of our ever evolving website, she’d love to hear of any ideas for improvements, or maybe you would like to write a race report after getting involved in an event? Approachable and enthusiastic about triathlon, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries!