BUCS Duathlon 2013

The 24th of November saw 30 SUTRI athletes travel to the Castle Combe race circuit in Wiltshire for BUCS duathlon 2013. The race consisted of a 2 mile run, followed by a 9.25 mile 5-lap bike route and then a repeat of the 2 mile run.

There were over 500 competitors signed up this year and they were divided into just two waves with girls put in the second wave and guys split between the first and second depending on predicted finish time. With so many competitors starting at once they was a lot of jostling for the best start position, especially at the front of the first wave which set off at a blistering pace as soon as the horn went. The first run was over quickly with the fastest competitors finishing in under 10 minutes! The painful challenge of the first run was followed by the challenge of finding your bike amongst over 500 others and then trying to transition as quickly as possible. The bike course was fast, however there was no shelter from the wind which picked up for the second wave. It was important to keep track of how many laps you had completed, as Kristian Lynam found out part way through his sixth lap! With this exception the bike went smoothly for most people with no mechanicals reported – always a relief! After the bike it was time to start the second run, this time trying to deal with jelly-legs as a result of quickly changing between muscle sets after the bike.


Lap number ???? for Kris Lynam.

The fastest of the guys from Southampton was Fernando Zorrilla Medrano who completed the course in a very impressive 45:54.0 coming 24th overall! He was followed by Michael Layland and Christophe Dormenval who finished close together after a close battle in the final kilometre of the run, finishing in 48:37.7 and 48:40.2 respectively.


Fernando powers round the bike course in 23:27.6 averaging 24 mph on his way to coming 24th overall.

The fastest of the girls was Hayley Preston who finished in 56:06.3 coming in 35th out of the women, putting in a very impressive bike split in the process. Coming in close behind Hayley, with some impressive running, was Anna Morris in 56:25.1 in her first race for SUTRI. The third of the girls was Lucy Rickett who completed the course in 1:01:00.3 rounding off a great performance from the girls.


Hayley’s pink calf guards helped her to complete the bike route in 26:38.6 and come 35th overall out of the girls.

All in all the trip was a great success. SUTRI took a record number of Athletes to a BUCS event, everyone finished without any mechanical issues and some very fast times were recorded in the process. Everything looks set for a great performance at BUCS triathlon on the 4th of May. A big thank you to the drivers, our loyal supporters, photographers for some great photos, and to George who organised the whole trip.

Full results are available online at: http://www.dbmax.co.uk/results/result-2013.html

Michael Layland

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