Lordshill 10 Mile Road Race 2/11/14

Rain tapping against your bedroom window – the sound no runner likes to hear the morning of a race. For once, the weather reporter was right. The rain came… and there was a lot of it. Breakfast was a miserable affair. Sitting eating my porridge glumly watching the puddles form. I contemplated the possibility of the race being cancelled, the possibility of returning to bed – alas, runners are made of sturdier stuff – come rain or shine! After sourcing some waterproof trousers and making sure my bag was packed, we set off towards Nursling and the race HQ. The downpour ceased, the weather was on the mend – a miracle! Nothing worse than being wet to the bone before a race has even began.

The race start and HQ was situated in the modern Oasis Academy. Plenty of space for bag storage and a large number of toilets – no waiting around for the pre-race, nervous toilet trip! Many of the runners present were of club standard and this was demonstrated by the overall finishing times. Multi-coloured running vests everywhere, spanning form the Isle of Wight all the way to Basingstoke.

The 10mile course follows a course predominantly in the country roads that lead towards Romsey. Surprisingly flat with a delightful downhill stretch at the backend of the first 5km. I speak for all the SUTRI competitors when I say the first 5km were fast.. Unsustainably so! Hats off to Peter Fuller for smashing a 5km PB in a 10mile race! The support around the course was brilliant with interspersed cheering and shouts of encouragement. After a brief stint through a random industrial estate, you find yourself very close to the start and the end. With some pats on the back and words of congratulations, we were all handed a foil cape and a much needed cereal bar for our troubles.

Overall, a brilliant race that is well organized and marshaled. The course is great for a PB and the technical T-shirt is a keeper. With a price-tag of £16, it’s a bargain. Hopefully, it will become a bigger event for the SUTRI calendar in coming years!

Tom Gillespie (Run Captain)


Peter Fuller gassing his way to the finish – 1.04.05

Photo Credits – Hammy8241

Slogging to the end – 1.06.22

 Photo Credits – Hammy8241

Mark Fuller finishing with a PB and smile on his face – 1.07.09!

Photo Credits – Hammy8241

With a 1.15.00 prediction, George Payne hammered home – 1.08.19

Photo Credits – Hammy8241

Shriram Sunder cruising in – 1.13.56

Photo Credits – Hammy8241



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